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Teck Soon Hong (zhuhai) Flavours & Fragrances Ltd.

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Teck Soon Hong (Zhuhai) Flavours & Fragrances, Ltd, solely invested by Teck Soon Hong Ltd, manufactures essential oils and natural isolates for food, fragrance and chemical industries. "Teck Soon" is transliterated from Chinese, which have connotation of "morality and faith".

Teck Soon Hong Ltd, a subsidiary of China Resources Company, has been dealing with natural materials and spics for 6 decades, and established good cooperation with suppliers and distributors all over the world.
Products List

camphor powder natural
camphor oil
white camphor oil 35%
litsea cubeba oil 75%
geranium oil
geraniol 85%
80% lemongrass oil
citral 95%
cedarwood oil (perfurnery grade)
cedarwood oil (bpc grade)
eucalytol 99.5%
eucalyptus oil litriodora
Contact Us
Company: Teck Soon Hong (zhuhai) Flavours & Fragrances Ltd.
Contact: Ms. Dai Crystal
Address: No.1 Pingdong Road 4, Nanping Science &Technology Industrial Garden, Central Zhuhai Avenue
Postcode: 519060
Tel: 86-756-8919674
Fax: 86-756-8682833
Homepage: http://www.essentialoil.com.hk


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